How to Set Up A Facebook Page That Sells More Books 

Start selling more books directly from Facebook today! 

-4 modules | 7 videos. Learn the most updated selling strategies with the latest tools Facebook has to offer.  

Your class includes all this:

Why Facebook Sells More Books

You'll learn how to sell books to readers at any level of the sales funnel from new readers to loyal fans. You'll also learn the ABCs of selling and why Facebook sells better than any other social media channel. 

Set Up Your Page For Maximum Sales Potential

You'll get a step-by-step video complete with screenshots and specific steps that will walk you through the set-up of your author business page. 

Make the Perfect Images With Canva

In this video you will learn how to use a free tool called Canva to make images of perfet size to engage your followers. You can be an instant graphic artist!

How to Create Content Fans Crave

You'll also learn the basics of how to put together content that fans crave with tools like the Social Media Success Checklist, the 80-20 Content Rule, and the Content Bucket System that aggregates an endless content stream. 

How to Run Successful Promotions

Run successful promotions from your Facebook page using The Three Cardinal Rules of Book Promotions. You'll find out when you can copy another author's promotion with confidence and success. No more guesswork!

Page Management Without the Time Suck

Finally, you'll learn how to manage your Facebook page in just minutes a day. No more babysitting your page constantly.  

Private Student Mastermind Group

Your class includes access to my private online student mastermind group on Facebook. Join me for one-on-one help and share with the other students in the group. Office hours daily.

See what my students say...

"Chris's course was amazing! It walked me through every aspect of setting up a professional, visually-appealing Facebook page. Even though I already had a page, I was able to make it so much better. 

Before the course, I didn't understand the Shop template or what it could do. The course took me through the set-up process, step-by-step, and now readers can purchase my books directly from my page, without leaving Facebook. I've also been using Chris' "content bucket" system for a while now, and it has saved me so much time in planning out my posts. I feel so much more confident about the "face" I'm presenting to my readers." 

-Liza Street, author of the Corona Pride series

Everyone tells you to build an author platform; in this course Chris offers practical, step-by-step advice on how to build that presence on Facebook. Everything she teaches is grounded in solid marketing strategy and research.  

I already had a Facebook page; this class taught me how to use it more strategically for my author platform. I learned a great deal and am excited about putting her advice into practice.  

-Anne Janzer, author of The Writing Process, chosen The Huffington Post Best Self-Published Book of 2016, How-To category

You will get lifetime access to the class material and access to a private Facebook group where you will get 1-on-1 help from Chris and other students there. In addition, you can email Chris with any questions you have at

***Course does not guarantee to make the student any set income return. You will get out of the course what you put in when you apply the material you learn. ***