Your teacher and guide:

Chris Syme, founder of SMART Marketing For Authors Online Classes and owner of CKSyme Media Group. Author, speaker, and social media marketing minimalist expert. 

Your Class Includes: 5 modules | 11 videos | Tons of tools Learn the secrets to great content that will boost engagement without gaming the system and sell more books.

 The Content Formula includes all this: 

The Content Formula Basics

Learn the four things everyone is looking for from online content. Then, you'll learn how to master the call-to-action: the direct and indirect methods for getting your fans to take the next step. This video includes info on the new Jan. 2018 Facebook algorithm changes.

Learn the Rule For Selling Books Without Feeling Sales-y

Learn how to get fans to want to buy your books with the 80-20 Content Rule. How to define value your fans can't refuse. Most importantly, learn the secrets of selling without feeling like a used car salesman. 

Find Your Content Nexus

How to find what kind of content your readers want - the basics of audience research. Then, learn how to match what you like to talk about with what your fans find valuable: your content nexus. 

The Content Buckets System

Learn how to put together an algorithm-busting content system with the "one ring to rule them all" - The Content Buckets System. This proprietary system is designed especially for authors - both fiction and nonfiction.

Put It All Together With the Learning Labs 

In these hands-on sessions, I will walk you through the material from each module with practical assignments geared to help you implement what you've learned.  

Private Student Mastermind Group

Your class includes access to our private online student mastermind group on Facebook. Join me for one-on-one help and share with the other students in the group. Office hours daily.

See what my students say...

Chris Syme never disappoints.  

Her teaching is simple but not simplistic, actionable but not formulaic. She’s the real deal – a trustworthy guide to author marketing. Every time I take one of her courses, I get smarter and more effective as an author. They’re a great investment in my author platform.  

-Anne Janzer, author of The Writing Process,The Huffington Post Best Self-Published Book of 2016, How-To category.

Chris Syme's tips and instruction on content serve me every single day as I navigate that tricky balance of reserving enough time for my writing with finding and posting the kind of content that my audience actually wants. The content bucket system and her suggestions for organizing it have taken out a lot of guesswork and pressure, and have saved me a ton of time--time that I can put into the most important part of my author business: writing new books.

-Liza Street, author of the Corona Pride series

Chris Symes' courses are useful, practical and, dare I say, fun, filled with simple-to-implement strategies and tactics. Through clear explanations and graphics, Chris demystified content process and addressed many of my questions without ever making me feel stupid or inept. 

Within minutes of finishing the course, I was able to make several improvements to my content that increased its effectiveness. I highly recommend her class.  

--Jennifer Lamont Leo, historical fiction author

This has been huge eye-opening course for me. The BUCKETS. Before The Content Formula, my buckets had holes in them. Shoot, I didn't even really have buckets. I had fish nets, lol. This has been the best money I've spent on training in a long time!

-Kim Steadman, Children's and Inspirational author 

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***Course does not guarantee to make the student any set income return. You will get out of the course what you put in when you apply the material you learn. ***